Ändra logon bild i Win7

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1. Skapa följande reg-nyckel


2. Lägg till ett DWORD OEMBackground med värde 1

3. Skapa en ny mapp %windir%\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds

4. Lägg bilden i mappen och döp om den till backgroundDefault.jpg

max 256kb stor bildfil!

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Swap in Linux

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Good article about swap files in Linux / Debian / Ubuntu:


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Repair WinXP boot from CD

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Insert the Windows XP bootable CD into the computer.

Boot to the Windows CD

Once in the Windows XP setup menu press the ”R” key to repair Windows.

Log into your Windows installation by pressing the ”1” key and pressing enter.

You may then be prompted for your administrator password, enter that password.

Type command: FIXMBR

Type command: FIXBOOT

Copy the below two files to the root directory of the primary hard disk. In the below example we are copying these files from the CD-ROM drive letter, which in this case is ”d.” This letter may be different on your computer.

copy d:\i386\ntldr c:\

copy d:\i386\ntdetect.com c:\

Once both of these files have been successfully copied, remove the CD from the computer and reboot.

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Repair Mac OS via Linux

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First of all, you must have a copy of the physical disk image, in case the tool destroy all the data (you never know).

So, take another big disk and make a dd of it (or, better, a forensics dd: ddrescue for example http://www.forensicswiki.org/wiki/Ddrescue ).

dd if=/dev/hda of=mybigfile.img bs=65536 conv=noerror,sync

after that, put your mybigfile.img in a secure place.

Second, if the hardware is defective, you must use a good disk, and restore your disk image on it:

dd if=mybigfile.img of=/dev/hdx bs=65536

After that, you must use a recovery tool. You can check many recovery tools, but in the first place I would try with fsck.hfs ( http://linux.die.net/man/8/fsck.hfs ).

I can’t suggest you any other hfs+ recovery tool, because I didn’t have the need to use it. Try a look on internet, and always work on a COPY of the IMAGE you made on the first step!


to change the permissions you need to be a super-user (root).

You accomplish this by typing ’sudo su’, and then the password for your account. This makes you root.

Next, execute the command: chmod -R 777 /path/to/your/mounted/devi


That will remove the perimssions restrictions from every file on the disk.


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För att lägga till SSH stöd i DNS-323:


För att lägga in ett RSYNC jobb via CRON:


DNS323 + Duplicity = Encrypted Offsite Backup BLISS!:


Modding Cron on the D-Link DNS-323 using funplug-0.3:


Modding ’crontab’ on Fujitsu Q700:

vi /etc/config/crontab

crontab /etc/config/crontab

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Installera gnomenu i Ubuntu 10.04

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Öppna en terminal.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:gnomenu-team/ppa

sudo aptitude update

sudo aptitude install gnomenu


Andra tips: Snygga upp GRUB menyn med BURG:


Ubuntu Tweak:


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Move your Ubuntu/Debian installation to another computer

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To move your Ubuntu/Debian installation to another computer:

1. Start a terminal window on your old computer

2. ’dpkg –get-selections > ~/instsoft.log’

3. Copy all files from your home folder to an external USB-drive

. (if you use Nautilus instead, remember to press CTRL+H to get all hidden files)

On the new computer:

1. Install the new computer with the same Linux version as the old one

2. Enter the folder containing your home folder copy (from step 3 above)

3. Start a terminal window

4. ’sudo apt-get install dselect’

5. ’sudo dpkg –set-selections < instsoft.log’

6. ’sudo dselect’

7. Select ’i’ and press Enter to start the software installation

. (internet access required)


To copy the entire disk to another disk (with partitions already prepared):

1. Mount the destination disk: sudo mkdir /mnt/extusb && mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda2/mnt/extusb

2. Copy all files: sudo cp -rpx / /mnt/extusb

3. Install Grub2 on the new disk

sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt

sudo mount –bind /dev /mnt/dev

sudo chroot /mnt

grub-install –recheck /dev/sda

dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-`uname -r`

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Check which Linux version

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uname -a

cat /etc/lsb-release (shows Ubuntu version)

cat /proc/version

cat /proc/cpuinfo

cat /etc/issue

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Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (SP1)

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Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows® 7 with SP1 enables IT administrators to manage roles and features that are installed on computers that are running Windows Server® 2008 R2, Windows Server® 2008, or Windows Server® 2003, from a remote computer that is running Windows 7 or Windows 7 with SP1.



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32 bit color in X

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Section ”Screen”

DefaultDepth 24

DefaultFbBpp 32


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