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Clean thumbnail cache with a cron script

March 10th, 2011 No comments

In a Linux machine using Nautilus there are a folder called “.thumbnails” in the users home directories. This folder can grow quite a lot when the system are building new thumbnail images for your pictures. A good idéa can be to clean this out every month.

Make this script in your home folder:

find ~/.thumbnails -type f -atime +7 -exec rm {} \;

The script removes files not used in seven days. Make the script executable:

chmod u+x

Run the script with cron:

crontab -e

Add a line to the bottom of the file to run your script once a month:

@monthly /home/yourusername/

Test the script manually before adding it to the crontab. First check how big your thumbnail folder are with the command:

du -sh $HOME/.*

This will list all hidden folders in your home folder. Run the script and then check the folder size again. My thumbnail folder decreased in size from 230MB to 4MB.

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Convert a DMG image to IMG

March 9th, 2011 No comments

First, install “dmg2img” through the Ubuntu programs. Next run the util:

user@computer$ dmg2img mac-image.dmg new-image.img

dmg2img v1.6.2 is derived from dmg2iso by vu1tur (

mac-image.dmg --> new-image.img

reading property list, 1632063 bytes from address 6107371782 ...

opening partition 0 ...             100.00%  ok

Archive successfully decompressed as new-image.img

You should be able to mount the image [as root] by:

modprobe hfsplus
mount -t hfsplus -o loop new-image.img /mnt
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Find the process using a mounted device

March 9th, 2011 No comments

If you’re trying to unmount a device (USB-drive or similar) and you’re getting the error “device is busy”, try the following:

[root@server]# umount /dev/sdm1
umount: /mnt/disken: device is busy
[root@server]# fuser -m /dev/sdm1
/dev/sdm1:           22121c
[root@server]# ps auxw|grep 22121
root     22121  0.0  0.2  4264 1304 pts/0    S    08:38   0:00 -bash
root      1696  0.0  0.1  3684  556 pts/0    R    10:26   0:00 grep 22121

In this case it’s the ‘bash’ process that’s holding the device. Quit the PuTTY session, reconnect and umount the device!

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