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Rättigheter i Linux

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Each user account on a UNIX host computer has a unique user name and primary group name. To identify your user name and primary group name, connect to your UNIX host using a terminal or terminal emulator and type id at the host prompt.

Note the following:

  • The UNIX host computer uses a system of numbers called User Identifications (UIDs) and Group Identifications (GIDs) to track individuals and group members. User and group names are provided by the operating system to simplify administration. UIDs and GIDs and their corresponding names can be viewed in the /etc/passwd and /etc/groups files on the UNIX host computer. See your UNIX host documentation or man pages for more information.
  • Illegal characters or formatting problems in the /etc/groups or /etc/passwd file can cause access problems. Problems in these files can also affect NIS maps, if NIS is used for authentication. To determine if there are errors in either of these files, run the grpck and pwck UNIX utilities.

The grpck and pwck UNIX utilities will detect problems in the /etc/groups and /etc/passwords files respectively. Use the hosts man pages to determine how to run grpck and pwck.

Ref: http://support.attachmate.com/techdocs/1178.html

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